About Us

Visualizing the requirement of the corporate world, we have come up with the concept of FULLY FURNISHED SERVICE APARTMENTS at prime locations in Ranchi. These Service Apartments are a perfect balance of luxury and homely atmosphere to take care of short- and medium-term requirements at much competitive rates compared to hotels with similar Aura, without compromising the quality and service.

About Ranchi

Pleasant weather, waterfalls, surrounding lush-green forest and beautiful river Subarnekha flowing by considered being the best attribute of the State Capital. The city formerly recognised as the summer capital of Bihar owing to the altitude of 651 metre above the sea level is now in developing mode. Increasing number of colleges and companies in the recent decade calls for more infrastructure and so does the corporate requirement too increasing in a significant way. Currently we are hosting 20 service apartments at privilege locations of Ranchi and we have strong ambition to expand into more key locations across the country.

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Green Service Apartments, Ranchi

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